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caramel ice cream

Sweet, salty, rich, and creamy caramel ice cream, perfect on its own or alongside apple pie.

black bean soup with rice

Vegetarian black bean soup with vibrant Latin flavors you can eat by itself or served over rice.

shokupan (japanese milk bread)

A replica of the bread I fell in love with in Japan and can't stop making now that I'm back home.

stovetop macaroni and cheese

The beginning of cold weather season gives Emily and I an excuse to make macaroni and cheese (though we don't usually need an excuse to make it).

golden multigrain muffins

Hearty and wholesome muffins with a well-rounded, breakfasty flavor (thanks to maple syrup and cornmeal) and only a hint of sweetness.

ramen noodles

Ramen noodles from scratch. Need we say more?

cardamom cream cheese crumb cake

A basic streusel-topped coffee cake, loaded up with cardamom and espresso powder (it is meant for breakfast, after all) and layered with a cream cheese filling.

refried beans

These refried beans – made with vegetable oil and canned pinto beans – are quite easy to make. They work well as a side, as they don't require much attention.

double apple bundt cake

A simple bundt cake bursting with apple flavor (both from applesauce and grated apples), drizzled with a honey glaze.

cinnamon vanilla lattes

These cinnamon vanilla lattes add warmth to a coffeehouse standard and are great for cold mornings when you don't want to get out.

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