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My favorite linzer cookies: tender hazelnut cookies sandwiching homemade raspberry jam.

zucchini enchiladas

Please use your zucchini to make these delicious enchiladas and not bread or noodles. The world will be a happier place if you do so.

buttermilk biscuits

The key to great biscuits is in the ratio: a 3-2-1 mix of flour, buttermilk, and butter that turns out consistently excellent biscuits time and time again.

vegetarian ramen broth

A simple vegetable stock for ramen (or other soup noodles) that doesn't take days to make.

cookie cake

A one-bowl, one-pan method makes regular chocolate chip cookies look complicated in comparison to this chewy, chip-studded cookie cake.

easy skillet potatoes

Emily and I figure out a way to eat more fried potatoes – namely, turning them into a main dish.

simplest pancakes

Whether you're using a scale, measuring cups, or an assortment of Airbnb glassware to measure your ingredients, these simple pancakes always turn out fantastic.

red beans and rice

This cheap, vegetarian red beans and rice is pretty easy to make if you have the time and is perfect for cold nights when you want seconds (and even thirds).

an interlude: chiles & chocolate has moved to new york!

Emily and I discuss our recent move to New York and how that move explains the lack of content on this blog. It definitely isn't that we're perpetually behind.

skillet-baked ziti

While we're not usually users of superlatives, this is seriously the best vegetarian baked ziti we've ever eaten. You also won't wreck the kitchen making it.